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INDSPHINX_Future Ready Tools for new generation PCBs

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INDSPHINX_Future Ready Tools for new generation PCBs

Massive applications of ICs and multi-chip module contribute to increase of component density and leads to intensive heat flow on PCBs. Thus the Quality and Reliability of PCB rely on its thermal performance.

Composite materials with ‘Good Thermal Performance’, ‘Good Electrical Performance’, ‘CTE less than 70 ppm/°C’ and ‘Ease of Fabrication’ are the basis of emerging technologies in electronics packaging.

Such construction is known as a hybrid multilayer PCB. Ceramic-filled hydrocarbon material with woven glass is the most obvious choice for these aspects. Some of these materials are Rogers RO 4350, Rogers RO 4835 and Panasonic Megtron 6.

These Materials and the associated Quality Requirements present new challenges in CNC processing of these materials.

Quality Requirements of these PCB’s.

–  Hole position accuracy within 50 µ.

–  Hole Wall Roughness less than 25 µ

–  Clean surface of the hole wall

–  PCB size variation within ± 50 µ

–  Dust free edges of the routed PCB

Challenges offered by these materials are:

– Poor control on ‘Hole Position Accuracy’ due to deflection of drill.

– Poor control on ‘Hole Wall Roughness’ due to accelerated wear of drill. Desmear not done for

  drilled holes due to high glass transition temperature.

– PCB size variation due to accelerated wear of routers.

Team INDSPHINX is future ready with High Precision PCB Tools to meet the need of machining emerging applications and demanding PCB materials. 

We offer complete range of CVD Diamond Coated Routers, Drills and Special Tools  specifically designed for processing these laminates.


– Since coating is done by the tool manufacturer itself, ‘Tool Designing’ and ‘Coating

  Formulation can work tandem to reach optimum combination for different applications.

– High feed rates resulting into higher productivity

– Extreme wear resistance resulting in longer tool life ~ 5 – 20x

– Frequent change of Tools and machine downtime are avoided

– Very High dimensional stability and narrow process capability

– Heat generated during cutting can be efficiently removed from the machining area due to

  ‘better chip evacuation’.

– Uniformity in ‘Hole size’ and ‘PCB size’ because of extremely low wear.